20::20 {gingerbread men}

twenty treats


OCCASSION: why the heck not?

BRIEF & RATIONALE: Small people @ & 3 thought they looked good, simple as that!

SOURCE: Essential Baking Cookbook


CHILD FRIENDLY? yes – they loved kneading and helping cut out their shapes!

REALITY V COOKBOOK: well, as good as biscuits decorated by 7, 5 and 3 year olds can be!

TASTE: 10/10 – love me some gingerbread

FINAL VERDICT: Guess who’s baking the bits needed for a gingerbread house tomorrow? This mama, that’s who! It was lots of fun doing these, I mixed up the royal icing, then split in three lots and coloured to each child’s requests and let them at it – messy, but fun, for them and for me! Can’t wait to get stuck into our gingerbread house!


And that brings me to the end of this little project! I’ll be doing a post soon with a round up of all twenty, and my thoughts on the project. A new year looms, and new projects required, so I’ll also be pondering what my next project series will be.

Another Monday is here, another week closer to Christmas. Bear is at school and Boy2 and Butterfly are at preschool, so Beetle and I are hitting the shops, then onto some Christmas craft and a bit of baking ready for a couple of Christmas parties this week as all our activities start winding up. Minimal computer time and maximum crafting time will make for a day of snuggles and creative awesomeness, just the way a Monday should be. How’s your Monday looking?

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