waiting {visual dare}

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The silence was almost deafening in the church, as Paul sat on the hard pew, his phone cradled in his hand. The email he’d been desperate for, had given up on, had arrived moments before. And now he was here, he had her number, and yet, something held him back. He’d waited three years for this moment, and he couldn’t bring himself to hit the call button. A door behind him creaked, and he hurriedly turned the phone face over, and pretended to look around, as he waited for the footsteps to shuffle past and leave him to his contemplations. It was enough to bring him to his senses. He’d waited three years. He’d flown halfway around the world on a whim when she called. What more was he waiting for now? The door was still swinging slightly as he pushed it open and blinked in the brightness of the day outside. Paul moved away from the crowds on the footpath, took a deep breath, and hit call.


For Visual Dare 12 : Waiting. So slightly over the word limit, but I felt I couldn’t cut those last 17 words without losing something from the scene. A little snippet from Lauren and Paul. I’m not sure if I’ve posted anything on the blog, from the chapter this scene belongs to. EDIT: yes, yes I have. This scene comes later, after this snippet.

7 responses to “waiting {visual dare}

  1. Wow!! All kinds of questions jumping from this one! Can’t wait to see more of Lauren and Paul’s story sewn together…looks like you’ve got a great add-on story unfolding here!! Especially love the building tension and momentum in this episode, even though there’s no overt action taking place. Well done!


  2. He hung up as she spoke didn’t he. Oh won’t these star crossed lovers just get it together and keep the crowd from dangling each week???
    Awesome writing as always Miss Dove, you’ve not lost your touch during your short holiday from writing :D


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