to infinity, and beyond.

It’s that time of year in the nest – birthday season! First up was Bear turning seven over the weekend. With Beetle only 11 days old, we decided against having a party this year, and instead just invited my parents around for a BBQ to mark the occassion. And for the very first time, I didn’t make a cake. I intended to. I had grand plans and an idea and ingredients. And then our weekend was chewed up with errands and projects and parked-on-the-lounge-feeding-the-newborn and I was out of time. A quick trip to Woolies for unrelated BBQ essentials found me browsing the cake section, where I found a Lightening McQueen cake. After I wrestled with my mummy guilt for a while, I decided it would have to work, as I had also promised he could take patty cakes to share with his Sunday School class. Since it was the easier of the two options – the requested cake was a rocket in space with a red dwarf and a black hole – I went with the bought cake, and quickly whipped up a super easy patty cake mix. Then it was just a matter of whizzing up some buttercream before church, and adding some silver planets and coloured stars.



In the end, my mummy guilt was for nothing – he was very impressed with Lightening McQueen, and the patty cakes were a huge hit!


Today has been a busy yet unproductive day. We went out this morning, and home in time for lunch and naps. My mum took care of Beetle for a bit so I could work on a quilt that’s needed for the NEXT birthday on the list. The top is all together, so I can sandwich it tonight while little eyes are in bed. There’s pieces for another project cut, there’s knitting waiting to be picked up. There are a bunch of photos and another Project Life kit on the way. And best of all, there is a two week old little boy to cuddle, and three big kids to play with, so the crafting can wait. Three days until school holidays – let the countdown begin!

9 responses to “to infinity, and beyond.

  1. You have a baby too??? Wow you have taken awesome to a whole new level!

    Cupcakes are cute – is Bear learning about planets ATM? Miss K went to the planetarium yesterday and declared it AWESOME!


    • Yep, he’s crazy about space and rockets at the minute, not sure where it’s come from, I don’t think they are doing it at school. But he has his space book and looks at it every night and writes a little story from it in his journal <3


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